[DOWNLOAD] Renaissance Dances - Brass Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] Renaissance Dances - Brass Quintet


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2 Bb Trumpets
F Horn

Renaissance dances, often performed as a courtly pastime in the Renaissance, were provided with compelling music. Master composers such as Gervaise, Susart, and Praetorius left behind literal masterpieces, creating an important trend in the history of classical music.
This piece is a tribute to the sounds and dances of old Europe. Following the prelude, we borrow the steps of the Courant (6/4 time = big 2 beat), Pavane (slow 2 beat), Gaillarde (light 3 beats), and Branle (lively 2 beats).
The first movement of my "Symphonic Dances" for wind band is rearranged for brass quintet. Please note that there are some parts where the composition differs slightly from the original. Although it is not written in the score, it would be interesting to add a percussion part to the piece.

(Yosuke Fukuda)