[DOWNLOAD] Leaving the Nest Op. 125 - Flute Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Leaving the Nest Op. 125 - Flute Quartet


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4 Flutes

Imagine birds trying to fly into the sky for the first time with all possible courage. What on earth are they thinking about? From birth to today, parents have been feeding them. When a natural enemy appeared, the parents protected them. But from tomorrow they will have to find food themselves. Even if an enemy appears, nobody will protect them. They may not be able to fly well. They might think something like: "What should I do? Can I do it tomorrow? Can I stay here forever?"

However, the little birds fly into the sky. What kind of world awaits them? What scenes will the little birds see? My admiration for the little ones flying in the sky will never fade in my heart.

(Sakai, Itaru)