[DOWNLOAD] Summer Townscapes - Brass Sextet

[DOWNLOAD] Summer Townscapes - Brass Sextet


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Bb Trumpet
Bb Trumpet (optional doubling Flugelhorn)
F Horn

When I wrote this piece, the view of the bright blue summer city was opening out of the window.
As an adult, Tokyo was my first hill city. The scenery of rice fields, mountain ridges, and many things that I knew were not here. Not knowing what to like in this city, I spent several years comforted by scenes in the memories that had passed.

I think nostalgia means tracing the hues of emotions that have soaked into woven memories. In the light of the evening, on the way home, there is a smell of homemade dishes. The blue morning is an acceleration towards the future. There's also a vivid trace etched into the music I loved. As time passed, I found such richness not only in the appearance and sounds of this city but also in the figures of people walking by.

In this way, I believe we can surely nurture a new sense of nostalgia even beyond the lost scenery, and continue to live, which is reflected in the piece.

(Daigo Hamasaki)