[DOWNLOAD] Sakura Song - Five - Clarinet Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] Sakura Song - Five - Clarinet Quintet


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Eb Clarinet (or Bb Clarinet)
3 Bb Clarinets
Bb Bass Clarinet

This work is a revision of the 2012 All Japan Band Competition test piece "Sakura Song" to clarinet quintet. Instead of rewriting an existing saxophone quintet, I have added new figurations to emphasize the function and timbre of the clarinet.

Give a careful balance of delicate motifs and gentle dynamics to create a sense of color while singing the melody over a long duration. Pay attention not only to the melody but also to how to handle these motifs of articulation, nuance and resonance.

The indicated tempo serves as a mere guideline. In an ensemble, feel free to have your own interpretation and agogics.

(Yosuke Fukuda)