[DOWNLOAD] Terpsichore Dance Suite II - Brass Octet

[DOWNLOAD] Terpsichore Dance Suite II - Brass Octet


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Bb Trumpet (or Piccolo Trumpet)
Bb Trumpet (doubling Tom-tom)
Bb Trumpet (doubling Flugelhorn)
F Horn
Trombone (doubling Tambourine)
Trombone (doubling Tom-Tom, Tambourine)

Arranged for Matsubushi High School Band and performed at the 2012 Ensemble Contest.
Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) was a German-born composer, theorist and organist who made significant contributions to church music. "Terpsichore" is the name of a collection of dances that contains over 300 songs arranged and compiled by Praetorius from the classical dances passed down from France to the German court in the early 17th century (1612). Even today, 400 years later, the collections have been featured in various forms. The name "Terpsichore" comes from the goddess of dance "Terpsichore" among the nine Muses in Greek mythology.

This second collection comprises the following seven dances.
1. Passameze CLXXX VI.à6.
2. Volte CCXL III.à4
3. Volte CC X. à5.
4. Branle de Villages XIV. à5.
5. Bransle de la Torche XV. à5.
6. Bransle de Villages
7. Ballet des coqs. CCLIV. à5.

The instrumentation is a brass octet: Picc.Trp. / Bb Trp.1 / Bb Trp.2 / Bb Trp.3 (switchable to Flugelhorn in the 4th movement) / Hrn. / Trb.1 / Trb.2 / Trb.3 / Tuba / Perc. The percussion part might be played by the brass player or the percussionist.

(Masato Sato)