[DOWNLOAD] A Gale - Saxophone Trio

[DOWNLOAD] A Gale - Saxophone Trio


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Eb Alto Saxophone
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

The way I came to write this music is perhaps a little out of the ordinary. First, I wrote "A Gale for Clarinet and Euphonium" in January 2015 commissioned by euphoniumist Ms. Ayako Yanagi. Then, Ms. Yanagi asked me to write "A Gale for 2 Euphoniums and Piano", which was completed the following month. Both were premiered by Ms. Yanagi.
This "A Gale" is for 3 saxophones.
Though the melody is the same as before, each version is well suited for those particular instruments. It is in a fusion style with simple and straight-forward melody
It is my desire to have this performed by various types of players with various interpretations.

(Souhei Kano)