[DOWNLOAD] Hanaodori - Brass Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] Hanaodori - Brass Quintet


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Bb Trumpet
Bb Flugelhorn

Commissioned by Gokasho Junior High School Band, Higashi-Omi City, Shiga

Traditional dances from all over Japan are still revered and practiced. Filled with beauty and liveliness, they also reflect long-established regional customs. Often their flavor is as distinct the dialect of various areas.
This composition does not depict any specific region of Japan. However, the image is of "a flowing and smooth dance performed in a floral-patterned dress." To depict this fluid character, I have limited the heavy brass articulation, aiming instead for their full resonant timbre.
The main rhythmic motif and two main themes are introduced in the beginning and continue through the development section. Each motif goes through delicate detailed development to morph into various harmonies and colors. Elegant, yet bewitching dancing should be felt.

(Yosuke Fukuda)