[DOWNLOAD] Animando - Clarinet Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Animando - Clarinet Quartet


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4 Bb Clarinets

Commissioned by Albion Clarinet Varier.
As for the definition of "animando" in the title, let's refer to "animato".
Both of these words share the Italian term "animare" meaning "animated" or "lively".
Animand is the present progressive form, so it means "animating" or "lively". On the other hand, animato is a past participle. It would mean "animated and lively". It is difficult to translate accurately, but can you see the difference in this nuance?
Animando says, "I'm going to be more lively (in the midst of vitalization)." Animate, on the other hand, says, "I've been alive from the beginning (already animated), and I've been alive all the time." It can be said that Animand is in the midst of change.

(Yuichi Abe)