[DOWNLOAD] A Night, at a Bar - Brass Septet

[DOWNLOAD] A Night, at a Bar - Brass Septet


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2 Bb Trumpets
F Horn
2 Trombones
[Percussion (optional)] Drum Set, Vibraphone, Timpani

Originally an Osaka College of Music Trombone Ensemble commissioned work which was rewritten for brass septet and optional percussion parts. Nakajima and others also titled the piece by slightly changing the saying "Tonight, at all the bars".

It consists of the following three movements.

I. Whisky on the Rocks
I worked hard today as well. In order to make a living, I may have fibbed many times. I hope that this first glass will cleanse my dirty mouth, Cheers! BGM is swing, of course.

II. Red Wine
Red wine like heavy and dense harmony takes you out of this unsubtle world. Well, have you been dreaming of being a butterfly, or are you seeing the dream the butterfly is having now?

III. Dry Martini
Tonight's finale is a dry martini. It seems that my feet are taking steps in an irregular meter. Let's work hard again tomorrow!

(Chang-Su Koh)