[DOWNLOAD] Flames of Rage - Clarinet Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Flames of Rage - Clarinet Quartet


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4 Bb Clarinets

Commissioned by Albion Clarinet Varier in Nagasaki Prefecture in 2017 and premiered in December of the same year.
"Flames of Rage (Shin-i-no-homura)" represents fiery anger, hatred, or resentment. In Buddhism, "Shin-i" is one of the San-Doku (three poisons), signifying negative emotions such as hatred, envy, and anxiety resulting from anger, not just anger itself.

It begins with a melancholic and uneasy atmosphere, gradually introducing passages. The tempo suddenly accelerates, and the emotional flames burn fiercely. Following repetitions of fast and slow segments, the piece becomes increasingly tense.

Throughout the composition, there are scenes of: stable sound and dissonance, tutti and solo, staccato, scale and long tone, they rapidly change or appear simultaneously. To enhance the performance, visualize each scene clearly. It's crucial to maintain a certain level of tension, even in the lighter sections, without becoming overly emotional. Strive to convey the essence of the piece's theme in your performance.

(Yuichi Abe)