[DOWNLOAD] Wings of Time - Brass Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Wings of Time - Brass Quartet


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Bb Trumpet
Horn in F (or Bb Trumpet)
Trombone (or F Horn or Euphonium)
Tuba (or Trombone or Bass Trombone or Euphonium)

Composed in 2018 as a new work for Bravo Music / Brain Music. The ceaseless passing of time keeps flowing beyond our joy or sorrow. I feel confused to realize that nothing of our emotions will affect the continuous flow, and feel empty when I learn both happiness and sadness will eventually come to an end. However, I will cherish the present because it's a limited time. This piece possesses such a bright feeling.

This is a brass quartet: Trp. Hr. Trb. and Tuba. However, depending on the group, you could replace the following instruments. (Optional music sheets are included. When playing the Tuba part on Trombone or Euphonium, you can play the lower notes within parentheses to ensure a comfortable range without any difficulty.)

Hrn. to Trp.
Trb. to Hrn. / Euph.
Tuba to Trb. /B. Trb. / Euph.

The trumpet part doesn't require high notes (highest: D), allowing both beginners and advanced players to enjoy the performance.

(Hayato Hirose)