[DOWNLOAD] Bugs Song - Percussion Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] Bugs Song - Percussion Quintet


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[Percussion 1] Snare Drum, 3 Toms, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine
[Percussion 2] Xylophone, 3 Wood Blocks, (optional Marimba)
[Percussion 3] Timpani, Triangle
[Percussion 4] Bass Drum, Glockenspiel
[Percussion 5] Vibraphone, Crash Cymbals
*4th & 5th are parts for beginners

Insects have no vocal cords, they make sounds by rubbing their wings or feet. There are innumerable methods impossible to list here, producing an incredible variety of sounds. How do the chants of those voiceless insects resonate in nature? In this piece, I have employed a lot of basic percussion techniques.

I hope yout performance will be like "Bugs Song" with a wide variety of tones produced by friction and resonant percussion, and that each of them will show their own interpretation.

(Daiya Hamaguchi)