[DOWNLOAD] Sparkling Brass - Brass Septet

[DOWNLOAD] Sparkling Brass - Brass Septet


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2 Bb Trumpets
F Horn
2 Trombones

Commissioned by Tokai University Takanawadai High School Wind Orchestra in 2008, the source work for the octet was reconstructed and revised into a septet.
I aimed to capture the resonance of both "the bursting brass sound" and powerful harmony. While there are many intricate passages, harmony is present in each of them. In the middle part, I used a sound sequence derived from "TAKANAWADAI." Nevertheless, harmony always dominates the piece, and it maintains its strength throughout.

I would be delighted if you could perform this piece while emphasizing the "resonance" of harmony played by seven musicians. It is crucial to understand the harmonic structure while also being attentive not to lose the musical flow.

(Daisuke Shimizu)