[DOWNLOAD] Three Folk Songs - Flexible 3-8 Parts & Optional Percussion

[DOWNLOAD] Three Folk Songs - Flexible 3-8 Parts & Optional Percussion


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Kagome Kagome, Yuyake Koyake, Nanatsu No Ko

Part 1
[1A] Flute, Violin, Eb Clarinet
[1B] Bb Clarinet, Bb Trumpet, Eb Alto Saxophone
[2A] Flute, Oboe, Violin, Bb Clarinet
[2B] Bb Clarinet, Bb Tenor Saxophone, F Horn
[3A] Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto Clarinet, F Horn, Viola
[3B] Bassoon, Trombone, Euphonium, Violoncello, Bb Bass Clarinet, Eb Baritone Saxophone
Part 4(optional)
[4A] Bassoon, Euphonium, Trombone, Violoncello, Eb Baritone Saxophone, Bb Bass Clarinet
[4B] Tuba, Contrabass
Percussion(optional): Triangle, Tambourine, Glockenspiel, Suspended Cymbal

This piece is suitable for instrumentation from 3 members up to large ensembles.
The suitable compositions for playing are listed below

1A 2A 3A (4A) (4B)
1B 2B 3B (4B)
1B 2B 3B (4A) 4B
1A (2A) (3A) (4A) 1B 2B 3B (4B)
1A 2A 3A (4A) 1B 2B 3B (4B)
1A 3A (4A) 2B 4B

The parts surrounded by ( ) are optional. The percussion parts are suitable for any instrumentation.

This was originally a brass trio for Trumpet, French Horn and Trombone, commissioned by Greenpeace. Considering the current social dynamic, I have reorganized it into a flexible work for various combinations so that more people might enjoy.

As the title suggests, the work consists of three folksong movements. Movement 1 with a somewhat nostalgic tone is Kagome Kagome; Movement 2 with a quieter atmosphere combines Yuyake Koyake, Goin' Home (from Dvorak's New World Symphony) and Akatombo. Movement 3 is Nanatsu no ko in an energetic marching style.

(Hiroki Takahashi)