[DOWNLOAD] Gargoyle - Brass Sextet/Septet/Octet

[DOWNLOAD] Gargoyle - Brass Sextet/Septet/Octet


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Download set (Score & Parts)
You can choose the musical instrument from each part and play as brass sextet, septet or octet.
[Part 1] Bb Trumpet
[Part 2] Bb Trumpet
[Part 3] F Horn (Bb Flugelhorn)
[Part 4(optional)] F Horn (or Bb Trumpet or Trombone)
[Part 5] Trombone (or Euphonium or F Horn)
[Part 6(optional)] Trombone (or Euphonium)
[Part 7] Euphonium (or Trombone)
[Part 8] Tuba (or Bass Trombone)

"Gargoyle," was composed in 2020 for a brass ensemble playable from 6 to 8 persons.
A Gargoyle is a grotesque monster sculpture typically found on the exterior walls of Western churches. These sculptures serve as both rainwater spouts to direct water off the roof and as protective talismans, believed to ward off evil spirits and expel negative energy from the church.

This piece is inspired by the concept of a gargoyle perched on a church roof, overlooking the city and people. It portrays the gargoyle's spirit soaring through the sky, safeguarding the entire city against the intrusion of evil spirits and enemies.

When performing this piece, it would be wonderful to deliver a dramatic interpretation, emphasizing scene changes, tonal and expressive contrasts, and the journey toward the climax while allowing your imagination to run free.

The highest note in ""Part 1 Trumpet"" is E (notated as F#), and all parts are not overly challenging in terms of range and technique, allowing you to focus on expression and ensemble. While each part has its highlight scene, "Part 4" and "Part 6" are less technically challenging.

By appropriately assigning parts according to skill, you will have best performance qualitym.

(Hayato Hirose)


- Brass Sextet:
[Trp / Trp / Hr / Trb / Euph / Tuba]
[Trp / Trp / Hr / Hr / Euph / Tuba]
[Trp / Trp/ Flg/ Hr / Trb / BsTrb] etc.

- Brass Septet:
[Trp / Trp / Hr / Hr (Part 4) / Trb / Euph / Trb]
[Trp / Trp / Hr / Trb / Trb (Part 6) / Euph / Tuba]
[Trp / Trp / Flg / Hr (Part 4) / Trb / Euph / Tuba] etc.

- Brass Octet:
[Trp / Trp / Hr / Hr (Part 4) / Trb / Trb (Part 6) / Euph /Tuba]
[Trp / Trp / Hr / Trp (Part 4) / Trb / Trb (Part 6) / Euph / Tuba]
[Trp / Trp / Flg / Trp (Part 4) / Trb / Trb (Part 6) / Trb /BsTrb] etc.

Performance Notes:

If "Part 4" or "Part 6" is not added, play the cue in "parentheses ( )" on the score.