[DOWNLOAD] Peace, Peace, so Sing the Birds

[DOWNLOAD] Peace, Peace, so Sing the Birds

  • Composer: Ito, Yasuhide
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 8:00
  • Genre: Concert & Festival
  • Publisher: Ito Music
  • Item No: DL-NAS-BH462


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Flutes (3 div.)
Oboe 1
Oboe 2
English Horn
Bassoon 1
Bassoon 2
Eb Clarinet
Bb Clarinet 1
Bb Clarinet 2
Bb Clarinet 3
Eb Alto Clarinet
Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Contralto Clarinet
Bb Contrabass Clarinet (optional)
Bb Soprano Saxophone
Eb Alto Saxophone 1
Eb Alto Saxophone 2
Bb Tenor Saxophone (div.)
Eb Baritone Saxophone

F Horn 1/2
F Horn 3/4
Bb Trumpet 1
Bb Trumpet 2
Bb Trumpet 3
Bb Trumpet 4
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Trombone 3
Bass Trombone
Euphonium (div.)
Tuba (div.)
String Bass (div.)

[Percussion 1] Finger Cymbal, Rin (High-pitch), Wind Chimes, 2 Triangles, Sleigh bells, Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal, Cymbals
[Percussion 2] Snare Drum, Field Drum, Wood blocks, 2 Toms, Bass Drum
[Mallets 1] Crotale, Glockenspiel
[Mallets 2] Marimba (optional), Xylophone
In January 2001, to mark the beginning of the 21st century, I wrote a celebratory overture titled "Pacem et Gloriam pro Nobis" (Peace and Glory for Us), commissioned by the Soka Gloria Wind Orchestra. It's a gorgeous piece for large instrumentation including 4 bands in the auditorium. Pablo Casals, the legendary cellist, had performed "The Song of the Birds" (El cant dels ocells), a famous Catalonian folk tune with the lyrics; 'Birds sing when they are in the sky, they sing: "Peace, Peace, Peace"", at the United Nations on 24th October 1971. I quoted this melody as a symbol of peace, and prayed that the 21st century would be a peaceful time.
However, the 9/11 terror attacks cruelly broke our prayers for peace. In addition, a great number of wars have taken place since. That's why I have been writing a lot of pieces praying for peace, such as; "Choral Fantasy" (2002), and its revised version, "Fantasy on a Bach Prelude, 'O Mensch, bewein' dein' sunde gros'" (2014), "The Earth" from The Planets Trilogy (2005), "Adagio for Band" (2005), "Pictures at an Exhibition for Chorus and Band" (2005), "That which He taught us, for Baritone, Soprano and band" (2015), and its revised version (3rd prize at the Coups de Vents international band composition competition, 2018), "A Tale of a Canteen" an opera (to be premiered in 2019).
Now, 17 years after the premiere of my "Pacem et Gloriam pro Nobis", I have written a new edition, which can be played by a standard wind orchestra, commissioned by the Soka University Pioneer Wind Orchestra. I have added a new section at the beginning and another from bar 127 to 183. The orchestration has been totally changed, which is why I have given the piece the new title of "Peace, Peace, so Sing the Birds."
Professor Masaki Yamaoka, the general advisor of the band, played at in the Tsukuba University Band about 35 years ago under my direction. I am grateful to him for our great history together. The piece premiered on 7th July, 2018 at the regular concert of Soka University Pioneer Wind Orchestra, under the baton of the composer.