[DOWNLOAD] Invocation and Rumbling- Clarinet Quintet

[DOWNLOAD] Invocation and Rumbling- Clarinet Quintet


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Commissioned in 2020 for Asahikawa Commercial High School’s ensemble competition.
The work consists of two parts: "prayer", a requiem for something magnificent, and "resonance", which expresses the energy that moves the earth. A somber, thick sound would be suited for the "prayer" section. Perform the music narratively.

In contrast to the first half, the second is dynamic but should be played with an organized tempo, avoiding being too light. I intentionally kept the use of scales and intricate rhythms to a minimum to make the most of the clarinet's rich tones. By expressing each note and its weight, you will have a clear image.

The title "tereko" was adopted during the composition as a one-word expression of such a state.

(Yuichi Abe)