[DOWNLOAD] Piccola Sonatine- Woodwind Trio

[DOWNLOAD] Piccola Sonatine- Woodwind Trio


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Bb Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone

Composed in 2021 for Brain/Bravo Music.
I composed this piece from the desire to introduce "absolute music" to wind orchestras that frequently perform programmatic music.

The title is derived from "sonatina," meaning a smaller version of a "sonata." It is one way to visualize a scene or an emotion. However, I would like you to focus on the center of gravity within a phrase, feel the resonance of chords, and listen to various performances of classical works, and the final performance will truly center on the music itself.

Furthermore, to make this a valuable practice piece for beginners and intermediate players, each movement introduces a practice theme. The theme for the first movement, Allegro assai, is "balancing." As the roles of the main melody and accompaniment frequently change, it's important to remain aware of your own role and maintain balance.

In the second mvt, Andante quasi allegretto, the practice theme is "timbre." One challenge for clarinet is producing soft high notes, which tend to be hard. Another for flute and saxophone is a rich low note, which tends to be thin.

The third mvt., Allegro vivo, focuses on "mobility and articulation." Paying attention to precise fingering and clear articulation (tonguing) will enhance the music's propulsive force. Cues for phrasing can be found in the first and second movements.

(Daiki Kato)