Aski-Kataski-Haix-Tetrax-Damnameneus-Aision - Saxophone Quartet

Aski-Kataski-Haix-Tetrax-Damnameneus-Aision - Saxophone Quartet

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Bb Soprano Saxophone
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Eb Baritone Saxophone

This work was composed as the Vive! Saxophone Quartet's third commission project in the series. ("Novellette" and "The Dance in the Heat Haze") I usually compose after deciding the title, Instead this time, I started composing with a "spell" in my mind. At the time of the premiere, we solicited a wide range of titles based on this image and performance. In the end, "Aski-Kataski-Haix-Tetrax" proposed by Makoto Asari, a Baritone Saxophone player of the group was decided.
This long phrase has the meaning of "darkness, light, earth, sun, truth" in the amulet that was engraved on the belt of the hunting goddess Artemis (Diana in Roman mythology) in Greek mythology. She shows mercy to those who worship her but can be cruel at the same time. This goddess is also related to music. Imagine and play each scene as a spell and the various phenomena caused by her. I hope that many people, including junior high and high school students, will be familiar with it in the future.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)