Sonatine - Saxophone Quintet

Sonatine - Saxophone Quintet

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Bb Soprano Saxophone
Eb Alto Saxophone
2 Bb Tenor Saxophones
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Sonatine is a small sonata. Music sonatas and sonata forms are different concepts. Usually, a musical sonata is an instrumental piece using the sonata form for the first movement. The structure is that the first movement is in sonata form, the second movement is in slow two- or three-part form, the third movement is a Scherzo or Menuet, and the fourth movement is in Rondo or sonata form. Four movements with motifs related to each other are arranged and laid out in a structured way.
Here the first movement is of course a classic sonata form. Differentiate the first and the second theme, which have different characters but have a motivational relationship after the introduction. Please express the feeling of openness when entering the epistasis.
The second movement is a combination of a slow three-part movement and a three-part scherzo. Therefore, although it is one movement, there are two movements in terms of content. The slow part of the first half is gentle and delicate, and the early part of the second half feels like running at a stretch.
The third movement is in Rondo Sonata format, A-B-A-C-A-B-A with coda. Please clearly reflect the difference between A and B, A and C, and the character of each part during performance.
It would also be helpful to study and learn about sonata form, binary form, ternary form, scherzo, minuet, and Rondo form to prepare for performance.

(Toshinari Iijima)