Booming Chorale - Euphonium & Tuba Quartet

Booming Chorale - Euphonium & Tuba Quartet

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2 Euphoniums
2 Tubas

This work was commissioned by TUBIUM in 2006 and was completed in February 2007.
It is a peaceful chorale for Euphonium & Tuba Quartet. The main melody comes from the second movement of "Dance Reformaer" written six years ago for a large ensemble of 6 Tuba, 4 Euphonium and 3 Percussionists. The song starts with C and is overlaid with harmony as if it was inspired by the starting note. Therefore, pay close attention to the pitch of the C note. For the harmony instruments, play effortlessly to draw the fundamental pitch. Such parts appear everywhere. When playing the melody, play tempo rubato emotionally and lyrically. We hope that you will feel at peace with the roaring and solemn sound played by four musicians.

(Daisuke Shimizu)