Rush Hour - Percussion Sextet

Rush Hour - Percussion Sextet

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[Percussion 1] Glockenspiel, Xylophone
[Percussion 2] Vibraphone, Marimba
[Percussion 3] Triangle, Snare Drum
[Percussion 4] Hi-Hat Cymbal, Ride Cymbal
[Percussion 5] High Tom, High Wood Block, Wind Chime
[Percussion 6] Low Tom, Low Wood Block

Tokyo's morning rush hour is beyond imagination - the jam-packed trains, waves of people passing through in the station. When I first experienced it, I was very surprised by the scene.
"A refreshing morning is brief. Rush hour time has begun. At the terminal, every time a train arrives, many people are pushed out of the car. In the station, footsteps of people passing by echo in various rhythms. Trains operated by overcrowded time tables become congested on the tracks as they approach the terminal. The train gradually slows before the station, stops, and then starts again in a hurry."
This was commissioned by the Toyama Commercial High School Symphonic Band as an ensemble contest piece for 2006. It depicts the hustle and bustle of rush hour with a percussion instrument ensemble.
In this work, multiple instruments appear in dialogue form, creating various rhythms. When playing, be clearly aware of the cohesiveness of each "group"

(Shin'ya Takahashi)