Gershwin in Brass! - Brass Octet

Gershwin in Brass! - Brass Octet

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An American in Paris, Strike Up the Band!, Prelude II from "3 Preludes"

3 Bb Trumpets
F Horn
2 Trombones

George Gershwin (1898-1937), who is sometimes called "perfect musician", is known as one of the giants of American music. "Gershwin in Brass!" is an arrangement for brass octet, and it is medley of Gershwin's composition: "An American in Paris", "Strile Up the Band!", Prelude II from "Three Preludes", and finally "An American in Paris" is reprised. Performance time is 5'20"ca, but in case "Optional cut" section is omitted, performance time will be not more than 5 minutes.
In "An American in Paris", tempo should be rhythmical, and not be too heavy. In 4 beat part of "Strike Up the Band", good feeling of after beat (2 and 4 beats of each measures) results in the good swinging groove. Both attack and release of each notes should be played more clearly than other sections of this medley. In other words, this section should be played by popular music style. Tasteful vibrato by soloists, in the third piece "Three Preludes", will have good effects.
This arrangement was commissioned by Ome Municipal 3rd Junior High School Wind Band, and was first performed by the brass octet of the band on 26 December, 2007.