Suite in D - Brass Octet

Suite in D - Brass Octet

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Overture, Gigue, Menuetto, Bourr?e, March

A Piccolo Trumpet (optional Bb Piccolo Trumpet)
C Trumpet (optional Bb Trumpet)
Bb Flugelhorn (doubling Bb Trumpet)
Horn in F
2 Trombones

This is a five-piece suite, including one song from Water Music composed by G. F. Handel (1685-1759). In Handel's time there was no concept of copyright. His Water Music having been popular in the market at that time, pirated editions were also published under the name of "water music".
The first "Overture" is from Water Music. The second song "Jig" and the third song "Minuet" are not composed by Handel; composer anonymous. The fourth "Bourrée" seems to be Handel's work, but the source is unknown. The fifth song "March" is definitely Handel's work and is from the opera Partenope.
This brass octet version was arranged for Taizo Okuyama (Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra trumpet player) for the Hikarigaoka Girls' High School Wind Orchestra in Aichi Prefecture. The school participated in the All Japan Ensemble Contest.
Piccolo trumpet in A is assigned to 1st Trp., C trumpet is assigned to 2nd Trp. If you can obtain one it is a good idea to use D trumpet for the 2nd Trp. Optional Bb parts are also available for 1st and 2nd. The trumpet part is particularly challenging.

(Tohru Minakuchi)