An Act in Blank - Percussion Quartet

An Act in Blank - Percussion Quartet

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[Percussion 1] Bamboo, Tom (Large)
[Percussion 2] Bamboo, Bongos, Tom (Medium), 2 Congas
[Percussion 3] Bamboo, 2 Congas, Bass Drum
[Percussion 4] Bamboo, Snare Drum, Tom (Large)

I had the opportunity to have a part in the film score of "Chushingura" (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers). The fragmented motifs used in the soundtrack are the origin of this song.
I limited the equipment to what I used in the film score, such as bamboo and drums. The content is not directly related to Chushingura, but it is a song I wrote with the intention of describing how people in a historic event are determined to face their fates.
Commissioned by percussion ensemble "A-UN" and premiered at the Osaka Philharmonic Hall in June 2008.

(Daiji Yokota)