Offrandes aux Chansons Populaires - Clarinet Octet

Offrandes aux Chansons Populaires - Clarinet Octet

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Eb Clarinet
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Bb Bass Clarinet
Bb Contrabass Clarinet

A concert piece with the theme of four folk songs associated with Kumamoto Prefecture. The first song, "Antagata Dokosa," is a nursery rhyme known as a Temari Ball song, and although it does not originate in Kumamoto Prefecture, the lyrics are set in Senbamachi in the city. The following three songs, "Tabaruzaka," "Itsuki Lullaby," and "Otemoyan," are representative of Kumamoto folk songs as well. Various folk songs are often seen in other places, but it is rare that this many songs with such characteristics are available in one area (prefecture).
This work was originally commissioned by the Kumamoto Clarinet Association and was written as a concert feature for the "20th Japan Clarinet Festival in Kumamoto" held in 2001. The serious atmosphere of "Tabaruzaka" and "Itsuki Lullaby" are placed in the middle, and the comical "Antagata Dokosa" and "Otemoyan" are used to summarize the overall impression. Free adaptations have been added so that it does not become just a "local song medley" and that it conveys the image of the lyrics, which is an originally important element for folk songs.

(Kazuhiro Morita)