The Voynich Manuscript - Clarinet Quartet

The Voynich Manuscript - Clarinet Quartet

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4 Bb Clarinets

Voynich Manuscript was commissioned by Brain Music in 2011. The Voynich Manuscript is considered the most enigmatic book in the world. It's written in a strange, undecipherable language with peculiar illustrations.

Voynich, by the way, is the one who discovered it. The reason the book is so mysterious is that no one can find any background of its origin - who wrote it and exactly when, what is being said or what "language" is used. One notion is that it was composed by two people in completely different codes. The illustrations are of unidentifiable plants and strange astronomic and cosmological depictions.

I am expressing these imaginary characters and graphics through musical notation. I leave it to the performer to determine which part of the song describes what...

(Daisuke Shimizu)