Andante and Capriccio - Saxophone Quartet

Andante and Capriccio - Saxophone Quartet

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"Andante and Capriccio" is one of the oldest of my published works, premiered in 1977 at the on-campus concert of sophomores of the Department of Composition of TUA. Performed by Kazuyuki Sato (S. Sax.) Mami Tabata (A. Sax.) Hideo Oyama (T. Sax.) Masato Ikegami (Br. Sax.), classmates of Tokyo University of the Arts at that time. Everyone is now so famous.

After the premiere of this work, I had a comment from my mentor, Mareo Ishiketa, that it was a song that a great composer wrote at once while drinking beer. He looked at me, who was confused with the meaning, he said, "This is a great compliment."
After the premiere, in 1983, the score went public, but since my interest shifted to orchestra and vocal music, it was not revised or properly published.

In 2008, when a group called Musica Albul planned a concert, I remembered this piece and asked them to add it to the program. "Andante and Capriccio", which I heard for the first time in a long time, had an orthodox style and a straight passion comfortably flowing out. I wanted to keep this song of youthful energy and performers would surely grasp that.

Brain Music talked about it at just the right time, and it was published. I made some modifications to the composition with an abbreviation, so this is a revised version.

(Makiko Kinoshita)