Tarantella - Woodwind Octet

Tarantella - Woodwind Octet

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2 Bb Clarinets
Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Tarantella is a rapid 6/8 or 3/8 dance of Naples, Southern Italy. The name comes from Taranto, a southern Italian city, or from a legend that people dance crazily when bitten by a tarantula. This work portrays the tarantula legend.

It begins with intensity, and from Inquieto, the tarantula is creeping closer. The tension increases as note groups overlap one after another, and at Con anima, the tarantula bites, the fear of death and the severe pain, the poison takes control and the victim dances in a frenzy. However, that state does not last forever, and the person is gradually exhausted. Hallucinations begin from Largamente, the suffering subsides which makes one briefly feel as if being in heaven, but soon returns to reality and dies of the poison.

Commissioned by Tokyo Metropolitan Koyamadai Senior High School Symphonic Band.

(Tomohito Matsushita)