Mindscape for Wind Orchestra (score)

Mindscape for Wind Orchestra (score)

  • Composer: Koh, Chang-Su
  • Grade: 5.5
  • Duration: 16:10
  • Genre: Concert Band
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: ZOMS-A070A
  • Inventory status: In stock

Flute 1/2
Flute 3
Oboe 1/2
Bassoon 1/2
Eb Clarinet
Bb Clarinet 1 (div.)
Bb Clarinet 2
Bb Clarinet 3
Eb Alto Clarinet
Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone 1 (doubling Bb Soprano Saxophone)
Eb Alto Saxophone 2
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1
Bb Trumpet 2
Bb Trumpet 3
Bb Cormet 1/2
F Horn 1/2
F Horn 3/4
Trombone 1/2
Bass Trombone
Euphonium (div.)
Tuba (div.)
String Bass(div.)


[Percussion 1] Bar Chime, Vibraphone, Timbales, Snare Drum, Tambourine, Triangle, Whip
[Percussion 2] 3-4 Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals Glockenspiel, Triangle, Tam-tam
[Percussion 3] Bass Drum, Tam-tam, Xylophone
[Mallets] Vibraphone, Marimba, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Chime

Commissioned by "A-Winds", Nara Amateur Wind Orchestra. Mindscape offers a panorama of one's mental state. It begins with a haunting percussion adagio "fantasy," then abruptly shifts to extended complex rhythmical structures for the full ensemble. This considerable angst resolves into a calmer, familiar andantino of percussion and winds, still with troubling undercurrents of doubt. A brief coda surprisingly concludes the piece. The A/B/A structure of this work underscores how the reciprocal faces of one's personality are inseparable, like two sides of coin.

(Chang-Su Koh)

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