[DOWNLOAD] Le Carnaval des Animaux

[DOWNLOAD] Le Carnaval des Animaux


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1: Introduction et Marche royale du Lion 2: Poules et Coqs 5: L'éléphant 6. Kangourous 7. Aquarium 9: Le coucou au fond des bois 12. Fossiles 13: Le cygne 14. Final

Picclo 1/2 [1, 7]
Piccolo [2, 5]
Flute 1/2
Flute 3 [6, 9]
Oboe 1/2
Eb Clarinet
Bb Clarinet Solo [9]
Bb Clarinet 1/2 (all div.)
Bb Clarinet 1/2 (div. in 3) [12]
Eb Alto Clarinet
Bb Bass Clarinet
Bb Contra-alto Clarinet
Bb Soprano Saxophone [7, 14]
Eb Alto Saxophone 1/2
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1
Bb Trumpet 2
Bb Trumpet 3
Bb Trumpet 4 [1, 2, 14]
Bb Flugelhorn [9, 13]
F Horn 1/2
F Horn 3/4
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Trombone 3
Euphonium (div.)
Tuba (div.)
String Bass


[Percussion 1] Snare Drum, Triangle, Wind Chimes, Suspended Cymbal
[Percussion 2] Suspended & Crash Cymbal, Ratchet, Triangle, Chimes, Wood Blocks
[Percussion 3] Glockenspiel, Bass Drum, Xylophone, Vibra-Slap, Chimes
[Percussion 4] Xylophone, Vibraphone, Tam-Tam
[Percussion 5] Marimba, Glockenspiel, Triangle, Chimes, Cuckoo, Whistle, Whip

Camille Saint-Saens "grande fantasie zoologique" is a collection of 14 short movements, each with a specific animal subject. Performed now by the symphony, this suite was originally scored for two pianos and chamber orchestra. Yo Goto consulted Saint-Saens'score to set these nine movements for concert band. For humor, color and clarity he added piano and various percussion. Also, phrases were added for continuity and impact, particularly in the "Final".

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