[DOWNLOAD] Seven Lakes From Bulgarian Folk Songs

[DOWNLOAD] Seven Lakes From Bulgarian Folk Songs

  • Composer: Takahashi, Hiroki
  • Grade: 3
  • Duration: 8:30
  • Genre: Concert Band
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: DL-ZOMS-A098S


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Flute 1 (doubling Piccolo)
Flute 2
Oboe (optional)
Bassoon (optional)
Bb Clarinet 1
Bb Clarinet 2
Bb Clarinet 3 (optional)
Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone 1
Eb Alto Saxophone 2 (optional)
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1
Bb Trumpet 2
Bb Trumpet 3 (optional)
F Horn 1/2
F Horn 3 (optional)
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Trombone 3 (optional)
String Bass (optional)

Piano (optional)

[Percussion 1] Snare Drum, Bass Drum
[Percussion 2] Suspended Cymbal, Floor Tom, Crash Cymbals
[Percussion 3] Triangle, Timpani, Sleigh Bells, Tambourine, Glockenspiel

"The Seven Lakes" are seven out of 120 glacial lakes in Bulgaria's Rila National Park, the largest park in that country, in the popular Rila Mountain range.
Each lake has a name: Lake Salzata (The Tear), Lake Okoto (The Eye), Lake Babreka (The Kidney), Lake Bliznaca (The Twin), Lake Triristnika (The Trefoil), Lake Ribonoto (Fish Lake), Lake Dornot (The Lower Lake) in order of elevation.
Rather than depict the scenery of the lakes, the piece draws upon seven Bulgarian folk songs. This work is similar to Bartok's "Romanian Folk Dances" or Dvorak's "Slavic Dance".

(Hiroki Takahashi)

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